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Do you have infomation about your Georgia Family, but don't know what County they were from?
Here is a place that you can share that information with others.


Some Franklin & Union CountyGeorgia Marriages
[A researcher submitted these marriages for posting while he was looking for information on these families.]

Over a million Georgia Marriages from many different counties.
[Offsite but don't worry you won't lose us, the marriages pop up in a separate window.]

We would love to have your bible records for posting on this site!

Bible Records

  • Carter 
  • Knox


    Do you wish to list the surnames of relatives in Georgia yet you do not know which county? Please feel free to email them to us for posting on this website. Please include your name, email that you wish to have listed, your family website if you have one, the approximate time period, and the Surnames. Please put in the reference section of the email that it is surnames for the Unknown counties page. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you, if not on this page then on one of the many county pages.





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    Brick Wall
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    Here you can post information about your Georgia Relative, from an unknown county, that has become a brick wall to you.

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