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Georgia Day (Birthday of Georgia) is Febuary 12.

Fort King George was the first English settlement in Georgia. Built in 1721 and abandoned in 1732. It was located a mile east of present-day Darien, in Coastal Georgia.

Although King George II signed Georgia's charter on April 21, 1732, it was not witnessed at Westminster "by Writ of Privy Seal" until June 9, 1732. Georgia, named for George II, was now a Royal Colony.

The new legislative assembly on March 15, 1758 divided the colony into eight Parishes: Christ Church,   Saint Matthews,   St. George,   St. Philip,   St. John,  St. Andrew, and St. James.

In 1765, Georgia's colonial assembly added four more parishes by dividing the land south of the Altamaha River. They were St. David, St. Patrick, St. Thomas, and St. Mary.

 See Map by Marion Hemperley  
from the Carl Vinson Institure of Government UGA (slow to load)  

In the 1790 Georgia census. Georgia was divided into three sections with a total of 11 counties.

Lower:     Camden,    Chatham,   Effingham,   Glyn (Glynn)                    and Liberty.

Middle:   Burke,   Richmond   and Washington.

Upper:     Franklin,   Greene and   Wilks (Wilkes).

GEORGIA - one of the original states of the United States of North America, is bounded on the N. by Tennessee and North Carolina; E. by South Carolina, (from which it is separated by the Savannah river,) and by the Atlantic ocean; S. by Florida, and W. by Florida and Alabama, from which it is partly separated by the Chattahochee river. Georgia lies between 30 21' 39" and 35 N. lat., and between 81 and 85 53' 38" W. lon., being about 300 miles in length from N. to S., and 256 in its greatest breadth from E. to W., including 58,000 square miles, or 37,120,000 acres, of which only 6,378,479 are improved, showing that this already great and flourishing state is but in the commencement of developing leer resources and wealth.

Baldwin, Thomas and J. Thomas, M.D. New and Complete Gazetteer of the United States. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, Grambo, & Co., 1854

Transcribed by Kristie Setser.


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