Journal of
John Joseph Pledger Jeans Murphy
Missionary in Georgia 1886 - 1887

Brought to you by the Georgia American History & Genealogy Project

Missionary Journal of author, while serving as a Mormon missionary in the Southern Mission. The author was born as John Joseph Pledger Jeanes (Jeans), and served in the Confederate Civil War as Jeanes (Jeans). His surname"...was changed to Murphy by an act of legislature after moving to Utah." He died in Colonia Juarez, one of the Mormon colonies in Mexico.

Transcribed and submitted by Karla Jones Great Grandaughter of J J P Jeans Murphy


       SUSANNA JEANES abt. 1800 unmd (JOHN MARK MURPHY)...
              JESSE JEANES b. 22Jun 1824 (Union Co. SC) m. JERUSHA PLEDGER b.10 Jan.1823 (Elbert Co.Ga)   8 Dec 1842 (Fayette Co., Ga)
                     JOHN JOSEPH PLEDGER JEANS (MURPHY) b. 4 Sep 1843 (Fayette Co. Ga) married 23 Jun 1868 NANCY VICTORIA MURPHY
                                                                                                                                                                                        b.23 Feb 1848, (Fayette Co. Ga).

This is a Sumary of what is in the Journal. (Stars* were placed beside names he mentions a relationship to or one where he asked for their geneologies.) You may order the microfilm of the Journal from the Family History Center. FHL US/CAN Film 982377 Items 1-2      Call Number: 921.73 A1 no. 298       Location: JSMB US/CAN Book

Chatanooga, Tenn:

�my friends� Dr. Pate & Mr. Bedingfields
         Ed. J. Maryan
       * Ovis Munroe Robinson, his Mother and Family--�objected to my having a geneology of his folks because I was mormon...his mother gave me all she knew.�
          Bro. Morgan

Rome, Ga

         Mr. Watson
        *Jasper Loydes�my brother in law.� �Found him & his children all living close together. Laura Loyde
         Jany & Gamas, baby.
         Janey Lloyde

�visited�--    Mattie-�her husband�--Matt Turner
        *H.D.Lemings m. �cousin� Sarah Pledger (daughter of Gaines Pledger)�
         Thomas Turner
         John Gainous �deaf & dum girls come over to see me at noon�
         Mr Gore & Dumey & I went to see a Mr. Gillon, �no relation to me�
also met Truck Gans, Johnson & others I knew in Polk Co.
          Mr. Thomas Everett--�rode 14 miles on a wagon with...� [ggggrandfather of S. David Smith]
         Mattie Turner Tomy Turners
         Mrs. Powell:. . . �Matt Turner & young lady borrowed me to sit up all night with a corpse who had burned to death. �
         Mr. Gillums--he owned a store, �He sent me to...�
         *Mrs. or Aunt Sarah Canady-- �for geneology� she is the Grandaughter of Uncle Thomas Hill & Mariam Murphy. �she is 86 years old and has the strongest memory!�(1886)
         *my neice-Fanie Gores--(Gares)
         the widow Ella Jones

Haywood Valley:

         Bro. Smith �took the road on a wagon to ..�Dunaway
         Bro. John J. Barbers
         Bro. J. G. Barbers
�met�Bro. Kinbale and Robbins
the Widow Barber--�she was walking just ahead of us & fell in the stream so she told me but I never saw her...� Elder S. & Bro. D. Bays �had a rabbit hunt�

went through the woods Across Mountains to:

         Mr. Whites--�went to a log rolling at mr. whites, the boys all wanted to pull the Preacher down.�
         *Uncle John Mills-�gave geneology to me, his & his chldren (oldest son at home.)
�at 9am strted across the mt. to J. Mills son in law Malachi Burnses -(Burns) --his wife Genetta Swepta.

�taken diner on the mt. with a Mr. Clark-�he was an old soldier (confed.) & lost his arm in the battle.�
          Caleb Mills
        * Cabet Mills & wife (cousin)
�I went to...�*Wm. Davis who married Charlotte Mills..�there I met with Matt Melvina White another on of Uncle John Mills daughters �& got the geneologys of both families

Cave Springs:

         *H.M. Penny -(Hugh,-Hewey) married Julia Pledgers --(cal. sister)
         2 ladies by the name of Stevens
         *David Mizes & cousin Nann
         *Pledger Ressell cousin Men? in the same household as above.
John M. Mann

Breeman, Ga:

         G.R. Hamilton
         Mr. & Mrs. Cheeney

�met lots of old friends 9 miles from Possom Snaut:

10 miles from Wedawey, Ala:�around Heflin:�

         Mr. Reeves Mill
          spoke to 2 Mr. Reeves�
         Mr. Lipham-�obtained lodging here�
         Mr. Tate
         Mr. G. Yarborough    [George Taylor "Doc" Yarbrough ~ Lynda Eller]
          ole Masters Brodley (Bradley )
         Mr. James H. Dureing -his wife & beautiful black-eyed daughter.�his wife is a neice of Gov. Joseph E. Brown of the State of Ga...�
         *ole uncle George W. French his brother is John French
         Mrs. French
         Mr. William Jornon -�ives within 3 miles of GW French.�10 miles from wedewey ala.

West Point, Ala & Lafayette, Ala and surrounding area�s:

         Carlile & Willis store
         Mr. Bond...�went to Buffalo, ala with...�
         Mr. Rice- �I cut his hair...�
         Mr. Wilson
         Mr. Smith
         Mr. I.C.Smith
         Reverent Turner
         old Frank Sharfus-�We went to a bee gum robbing--got all the honey we could eat, but none to take home.�
         MC-can ce--a colored man who mended boots
         Tate--�an old lade widow of James tate of N.C., she was born in 1797
         Dorman--�a neighbor of James lambs
         *old uncle Johney (John)-cut his hair--treated me first rate. Met his Wife and little girl Eva
         *uncle Wm. Pledgers (William)--Aunt Susan �makes mention of a little negro girl here...�
         *cousin John--wm. youngest son ,24 years of age.
         *cousin Mat Pledger & her little daughter
         *cousin James Lambs that married my third cousin Missey Pledger [James Washington Lamb married Susie Melissa "Missey" Pledger ~ Eleanor Greene Hemmes]
         * Thomas Pledger & wife-also cousin Giye(?)
         * Mr. Hally H. Blackstone-married cousin Rosey Pledger-have one sweet little girl Roxey
         Joe Blackstone
         *Thomas Standfield-married cousin Elisabeth Pledger
         �met all married portions of uncles family.�
         �Lize, Roxy & Missey & their husbands all had one child each.�

         *cousin Dick Chambers & family
         *cousin John Holidays --his wife was sick...

Left here (J.H.) for Murphy Plantation:

         Marion Murphy
         Shugor H.C. Murphy-(talked with wife and son)
         Allens mill pond--went here fishing

Cusseta, Ala:

         Mrs. Arringtons:
         Tomy Mcgintys:
         *cousin May Fanie Mcginty
         Thomas Penn
         *uncle James Chambers �found� Aunt E.
         *cousin Joe Chambers
         *cousin James R.P. Chambers
         *James R.T.Chambers his wife & son & daughters
         *cousin Dudley Glass & family,� mother and cousin Polly Rice & (D.G.) & cousin Emma Glass

Burlin, Ala: ??

         *Elmira Chambers -& daughter Belizara -who married Slick Mcdondalds.
         (living in same household?)
         *cousin Nanie Dixion married John Dixion--�daughter of uncle James E. Chambers --�cousin Nanie resembled grandma Pledgers so much !)
         *�while visiting above I seen a wedding card invitation for Lucy J. ?? dated June 14,1881. -from Augusta, Ga


         a Mr. Hayes-got them across the river
         Mr. Edmonson
         Mr. Pritchett---he was sent to Bucannon, put in jail for a rape. him & three others on one woman ,other three at large...�(aug. 30, 1886)

Buchanan, Ga:

         Johnathan Williams-�store�-�an old friend�
         Met many old friends & shool mates.
         Henry C. Head-�went with him to courthouse,--spent evening talking on mormonism & railroading & the war. ..he had lost his daughters. �look young to be so old as thy are.�� [Great Grandaughter ~ Deidre Cookman]
         William Williams (Bill) --has a school house--�Wm. and I traveled to Polk Co., 20 miles, somewhere around son James.(..,went squirell hunting..good eating!)
         Mrs. Mclister
         sister Alerson-(Alderson)--John Hackel was her first husband.
         Berg Alderson
         Wyatt N. Williams--& wife--�taught her the principals of the gospel...�
         G. Williams--store
         sister Mary Williams
         Johnathon William-(a clerk at mr. moores store.??)
         Mr. Moore..�taken dinner at mr. moores...�
         Bro. John Henry Simpsons & wife

Old friends: George Hamilton
         Mr. Green
         Bud Brown [William Thomas Moses Brown married Elizabeth Jane Hobbs ~ Charles F Brooks { GedCom}]
         Thomas Phillpot...�got geneologies from philpots
         old man Allen philpot..�talked with wife & daughter..nice girls
         Allin(e) Philpot ...all knew pa & ma
         John H. Holecomb--has 3 girls,--�his daughter Molinda was my old girlfriend.
         J. Warthys
         Bro .Spry..spoke at a meeting...
         Mr. Hunt
         Mark Deans ..his old place is 4 miles from B. ga.
         John Dean
         Bill Sanford
         John Thomlinson
         Mr. Phults
         Burt Watsons(Burton) & Mrs Watson & daughter Sarah ..& Lee�s wife. (he has a mill)
[Burton Watson was Sarah Jean's father-in-law. ~ Sarah A Jean married G. W. J. Watson 3 JAN 1867.]
         *uncle Boby Spikes ..�heard him preach-old fellow is getting old.
�went to see a Mr. Ezra Parker (Barker) and found his wife to be Josiah Chambers daughter--his mother was Hop Jeanes sister...spent evening with him & wife and cousin Robert Chambers.--...she gave josiah Chamber geneology -her bro. & sis. families.
[Hardy Hopson Jean's sister Martha Amanda married Lewis Marion Baker. He died during the Civil War, 9 May 1864 in Atlanta, Georgia of pneumonia. Amanda never remarried. Diane Holland has a very nice web site concerning the Jean Family Click Here]

*went to the Graveyard where many old friends sleep...�

Haralsen & surrounding area:

         Bill Sockwells
         Charlie Phillpott
         Dick Phillpott
         H. Noris-�in jail condemned to be hanged.�
         a man named,Yancey--�preached to him�
         Jef Sumlin
�my little friend..�H. C. Head (Henry) [Great Grandaughter ~ Deidre Cookman]
         Pledger Russell
         Jedy Balantyne
         Ben C. Mathens (Mathews)
         Bro. Spencer
         Br. Madison
         Iswae Weatherbys & little girl
         Mr. Venerable
         Old Mr. Henderson
         Bro. J.H. Simpsons
         �sister� Whisenhunt--full of jokes, as funny as a young girl. been married 3 times, wanted to marry again...
         * Ezra Baihers--a son of Josiah Chamber & his 2nd wife
**a distant relative on the Jeanes side drove the buggy. John Barker--(Josiah Chambers son in law.)
�went to Hamp Hobbs old place found my old playmate.�
         James Hobbs --47 years old and a single man
�went down & stayed all night with bud brown who married Betty Hobbs.    [William Thomas Moses Brown married Elizabeth Jane Hobbs ~ Charles F Brooks { GedCom}]
         Bro.Cleo Drivers �found him at son�s Jesse Drivers ,�met his son George.
         *Bro.Jacob Driver & his wife Doll Drivers-�got their geneology�s
*went to see Mrs. Amanda Barker-geneology of herself and family she was at her son in laws� Richard Chandlers [Martha Amanda Jean married Lewis Marion Barker]
         *old man Hapson Jeane -& obtained geneology of himself & family and daughters also his fathers family.     [Hardy Hopson Jean ~ he was a Justice of the Peace in Haralson County for over 30 years]
         *Smith Fintchers --got geneology, he married Hopt Jeane daughter Safronia.     [Jonathon Smith Fincher married Sophronia L. Jean 3 December 1865 in Haralson County, GA]
my old friend Lee Watson -�we went to his fathers Burt Watson -My fathers old bailiff when he was justive in Haralson 28 years ago.
         Sarah Watson & her Ma
         Young Watson -�was in & out coon hunting all night...�Sidney
         Leo & wife.
         Finset Worthy...talked with this old friend

Ceder Town, Ga., & Seany, Ga.

         J.S. Mullen
         Fern Thompsons
         *Br. G.W.Drivers--got his gene. from his father...administered to Sister Driver, she was healed
         Bro. Gainous---B. Burys are his folks
         Mr. John Gainous & his wife & son Newt.
         Bro. Robbins
         Sister Knights
         Bro. Wm. H. Morgans --Sister Morgan
         Bro. Wm Morgans & family -at Chitwoods Mills
         Bro. J. Morgan
         Bros. Spry & Harddy
         Sister Hobbs
         Dock Hinemans
         Calvin Hindmans
         Dave Hindmans
         Dock Hindmans
         Ela Hindman & her son William Neil Gardner--she was babtised.
         Neil Gardner
         sister Jas Munroe Hindman--�confirmed�
         Sarah Hindman
         Will & Mrs. Hindman
         Octavia Hindma--elders had a counsil with her...
         Mr. Hamiltons
         Br. & sister Mitchels
         J.M. Mooneys
         mr. Joe Bobo
         J.A. --�a man of 74 years
         Mattie Roberts
         *Simon Pledgers
         *James Coheabys (m.) Hattie Pledger
         *W.B. Hatch married Mary Pledger [William B. Hatch is buried at Valley Grove Cemetery, Polk County, GA. Mary Pledger Hatch is buried at the Pledger Family Cemetery in Floyd County, GA.]
         * Calvin Pledgers--(J. C. Pledger)--gathered geneology,his son Hewey played the fiddle for us.
         Bro. Rich Kilgore
         Bro. Gardner Spencer
         Bro. Madson
         Bro J. Snow & Elizabeth Snow --�wished for babtism,and later confirmed.
         Bro. and Mrs. Redings (Reading) -have a little girl
         Bro. Robbins
         Mrs. Brooks
         Henry Dallas-
         Bro. Mitchels
         Thomas Brewster--he was a canidate for tax collecter
         Wm. Bailey---Sis. Ganus & sis. Bailey are sisters
         Mr. Willburn Echols
         Mr. Drigerson--spent a pleasent evening talking to...

proceded to Paris & Taylors old Mills (taylorsville ?)

         *uncle Van A Brewsters & Aunt Betsey-got their geneolgy�s
         *Thomas & Scriver _(Brewster family names)
         *Beverly Brewsters --got his family geneology
*then to:Mrs. Marys & got her geneology
         Alick Rowell--an old friend
         *Wm Humphrey�s--spent a few moments & got his picture.
         Dr. Footsshowed me the way to nanie pledger.
         *cousin Dave Mije�(s) his wife Nanie was a Pledger, been married twice before. got geneology from her on Pledgers.
         Bro.John James
         Mr. Bridges--wanted us to hold a meeting at his place...
         Mrs. S. Cawley�s had a sick child
         Joe & John Waldrups-knew in H. as a boy.
     went to mr. Hightowers mill, to see Franklin Ganus (bro. G. son),   franklin has 3 sons, John, Rody & Boby
         Sarah is at Ezra Barkers

visited �Mormon Hole�JJPMurphy & parents were babtised here by Hiram Blackwell in 1857.

Atlanta, Ga.

         Dr. Badger-dentist
         Mrs. West --helped her move
         Mr. Calvin Brogden
         Ruf Darsey
         Judge McKay-�custom house, heard judge dismiss theU.CS, I petty jury
went to the store of, Dr. J. B. Daniels
         Charles O. Hodnett--a lawyer (Colonel Hadnett)
         Mr. Daniels Shoe Store
sent a letter home by Ben Wessels
         visited Caroline Tolbert-�used to be at Sweet Water Factory in Campbell Co. Ga.--she is married to Gordon Batie...�
         Mr. Roland Johnson�loaned him pamblets on mormon subject�
         Charley Johnson----Mr. Harris �are old chums
         Mr. Harrison
         Mr. Hudgens
         Lawyer Lothum--�uncle Johns lawyer�
     went to old sister Burns
         * cousin Perry Humphreys--�he had a meat market at one time..�and wife
         *uncle Thomas Humphrey--�cousin Salie and her mother Julia shed tears when I left...� (Thomas has two sons Perry and Bob)
         * Sallie Goodsel--�cousin Salie
         Journeyman West
         H.D. West
         John Parks
         Mr. Benie Bird
         Jesse Bird
         Mrs. Bird
         Simon Easons
         Perlina Easons --in red oak...
         James Eason--�was buried this day at 3pm .died Sept 1,1887
      went to hear..Sankiy & Moody preach,.Sonkey sang 1st class...
         *Mrs. Smith is John W. Chambers daughter.
         *uncle John R. Jeanes --Aunt Ann--Little Jack
                  Aunt Ann and neice Jeny got the babies to sleep...�
         �preached gospel to uncle john his wife and daughter.�
         *cousin Charley Jeanes
         *cousin Levi Jeanes & Wife:�comes to uncle johns.--talked over days of the present and 18 years ago, (1868) 7pm the Chimey tumbled down.
         wife of Levi Jeanes--�nice little women, but like many women she dipped snuff.
         * cousin Saly. - Frances Jeanes
         Nick Murphy
         *Mr. Chapmans and see my Aunt Fanie Powels -grandchild ,�sweeet little girl about 9 years of age.�
         stopped at Thomas Williamson place & see *Elmira Bulls --daughter....�got her and her mothers geneology.
         *met with cousin Con Lamb--�...who murdered or killed someone, had a trial & come clean...wrote up their geneologies.
         *went to cousin Martha Lamb--got geneology�s
         * Joe Lambs & wife Molley.: there were at Grandpa Pledgers old place, where I was born...Molley told of Grandpa�s last days, says she would write a history if his life and send it to me...
         *Then I visited Luther Murphy at J.M. Johnson while here met with a Mr. Arnold (from Polk or campbell co, Ga.) he told all about the Tolberts &Turners, Mooneys & Stuarts, & Daughertys.
         * uncle McPitt Simpson
         Babe Simpson
         Mr. Conklin (Conkle) --his son John-� seen a game of marbles played ...�
         *found George Thomas & Dasia at Aunt Lou McKinneys & Uncle Joe (Joseph) Mckinney.----son Joerun away at bedtime went possum hunting...�
sleeping with Little Simms Mckinney.kicked me all night.

Fayette County:

         stopped at Daniel Mclucus store
         *Bro. Bogan Mask (cousin) & his wife Mary----Aunt Frankey Chambers is here, 86 years old and feeling well --got their geneologies
         called at Mathew Jacksons (died a year previous 1885,) his wife glad to see me.
         **James Carns--my bro-in-law--Mrs. Carns (the old lady)
         **Jepthy M. Murphy_--my father -in-law-(JJPJM)
         met Dr. John Murphy
         *uncle Charles P. Murphy & aunt Jane--(Jane)
         *Aunt Martha, & Oma & her daughters
         **Frank Guises --meet his wife,--Uncle Joesin the garden patch.
         **Uncle Jo Pledger--�visit Grandpa�s place where I was born. and where Grandma & Grandpa sleeps in the garden Place. (Francis Pullman Chambers & Joseph Peace Pledger 1792-1883)


         Toleman Darsey--*got Wm. on some of the Rodgers geneology
         went to John Gilberts old place seen Mr. Tarpley that married Hease Rodgers daughter.
         *Joseph D. Murphys -wrote up geneology, His Mother is at her sons� George W. Murphy
         *went to see Luther Murphy & others.


         *Grandma Butler
         **visit Mat Johnson & her 9 children __--Cans, Riffin, Agness & little Max herself and children, what sweet little girls...�
         Uncle Charl�s--(seen on $ matters)
         Bro. G.J. Murphy & family
Bro.Thomas J. Murphy & family --daughter Bula, 15 yrs olf, resembles Delila very much. (oldest daughter)..little Lois show off the place, little son Robert, Little Andrews �7th birthday and mine...Sept. 4,�87. (Thomas is my bro-in-law)
         Tomp. Nashes
         *Mrs. Mckinneys --�went to dinner at Aunt Lou...�( aunt Lou is Lucinda??)
         *Uncle Macks (Morticed Mckinney _--sons Joseph & Sims
**find Aunt Lou Mckiney & Uncle Doyle at Bill Jackson old place--They have a 6 day old boy very proud of him (aug 20,�87) (Uncle Mordiced Mckinney)
      got a ride to jonesboro with, Dave Drenon
         Mr. James Mon,�walked to town with him ,talked of the war...�
         heard Reverend Mr. Hilion preach
         Dr. Venerable
         Josh Brown
         Ben Vessels
         Mrs. Walker --couldn�t stand the preaching at the McKinney� and left
         Pitt Simpson
rode out of town with the son of James Mc Mullen,--my mothers old school mate.
         * Aunt Patsy Phipps ---Dick Phipps wife, wouldn�t allow us me in the house.(my being mormon)
         *Uncle Lemuel Murphy--Aunt Synthis
         Mrs. Blank--spent an evening at uncle Lems
      met with Wm. Fuller.--he married--ned Hawkins daughter.

East Point: 6 1/2 miles from the Murphy�s

         Gumbols Wagon Yard ...�sent a negroe with me to S. Casons he toted it...�
         Wm. Yarberough
         Mr. McChernes
several old friends called on me: Rolen Johnson, W.H. Phillips, I.P.Meeks, and the blacksmith Mr. Morgan.
Becky Fronas and Husband & her daughters & family...had read the books at Grandma Becheys.
         Mr. Davis & wife & I talked till 11 pm. (this and the above are the same??)

Hephzebah: Ga

         Reverent W.L. Kellpatrick--babtist
         met Mr. Absilom Plows at the station went home with him... his son James Plows & I souldierd in the same company C.48 Ga. Regt.
         Jenks Rhode
         Mr. Rhode and wife kindly gave me their geneology -daughter grumbled
         Uncle Wiley & wife & others.--talked on scriptures & the relations.

??(is this the Rhodes he is talking about, or another relative.)??

Augusta: and surrounding area...

         Thomas Jordan --Wife stayed all night / preached to his brother, Hiram Jordon.
         J.J. Price�s (Jef) (Jefferson J. Price)- my old soldier friend-his son John Price & son James Price

         Bro. Farrs
         W.J. Farrs--store
         Elder Benion
         Bro Spencer talked about a Billington Mattox, who was a babtist deacon in Forest Glen who heckled them.
         John Anderson-at the cronical & sentinell
         Joseph Ramsey
         Robbs Shopp�...went to the store...�
      death of Mr. Hoppold- 64 years old-overcome with heat died 10pm Sunday Jul 17, 1887.
         J. B. Vaughn--had a store (J.b.v )
         Mr. Wm. Vaughn
         Hillman Mattox--�went to the store of Vaughn and Mattox...�
went to Cowen Market to Bro. S.V.B.
         Jane Ballantine
         Wm. Munroe & wife
         Billy Wheelers (Wm.H.)
         Mr. Tobe Jackson
         John Mckenzies--ate dinner, had an old soldier talk with him...
         Bro. Phillip Smith
         Reverent Smith (Phillip)--a methodist minister, very receptive, told of a dream he had...
         Reverent Mr. Luens--did a funeral, compbelite faith now called Bible Christians.
         Mariah Coalman--a negro woman
         W.D. Neltsons & wife & daughter--(Knew them), members of Co. C. 48 Ga regt.
         John Evans
         Dink James
         I�d Rook--wife & children
         ?* John W. Chambers & his wife
         Mr. William Nashes married a Mis Weathers
         Mrs. Puss Nash (she and miss weathers are sisters)
         David Reed in court with Widow Griffon...reed lost case ..(Mrs. Reed)
         John Anderson
         Mit Anthony who married Sarah Johnson
         Elder S.G.Spencer,...just babtised 2 days ago...
         Bro. Ed. Tidemans (tidymann) and Bro. Babe Copeland & wife are close neighbors...
         Sam Moss & Family,--(knew them, members of Co.C.48 Ga. regt. (Sam Moss moved to Bellvill Factory)
         Mr. Heil (Keils) --Mrs. Catherine Heil is Charlie Stuarts half sister.C.E. Stuarts. bro-in-law) worked at Sibley Mills...they have a beautiful daughter Pinky
         Wm. Farmer
         Bro. Henry Farmers ...lives 10 miles from the Heils...
         John G. Farmer
         James L. Farmer
         Mrs Thurmon
         Bro. James Newman & Nancy ..she wanted babtism, but the KKK were after the Elders...
      went to store of Mr. I.C. Leevi
         Elbert N. Campbells
      no. 5, grace St. to a Mrs. Jones in Harisburg and got our breakfast.
         Mr. Cox & wife

went to Augusta to Sibley Factory--it stands right where the confederate Arsenal did, not Arsenal, but Powder Mills stood during the war....went through this fine structure....

         **Jane Lockhearts : she has 2 grown daughters. Mrs. Fisher, and Mrs Blackston. Mrs. Blackston�s baby died, of the heat (Jul. 14,1887) ...stayed up all night with the baby until the aunt, (Mrs. Fisher) relieved me...I Took Mr. Fox Blackston & showed him �our� burying ground & told him to Take charge of it and bury on it & take care of it after I am gone....(mrs. Lockheart had 2 boarders)

**July 19, 1887, Tuesday--The papers gave a report of 264 deaths of children in Chicago alone who died from the excesive heat.

**Mr. Reynolds Marble Yard--wrote 2 letters, took my satchels to Wm. Fullers, river so high moved satchels to William Murrons on high ground where *old Jack Davis lived �when we left Augusta.�...

The Elders of the Church were being hunted down by the KKK. tried to stop babtism from happeing and threatened people who were friendly with the Elders so that they were allowed in any more.

July Saturday 30 1887:--...I picked up the Papers I see peices in them concerning the Mobbs of from 15 to 30 menn going around town at night in mask hunting the elders. Myself & Elder David Benion. the cronicle was callling the attention Of Chief Twiggs of the Police force to the mater Stateing that our doctrine was against the law of the land and thecould be put in force, Saying that it was worng. and to laite in the day for mobbs to take the law in their own hands in Augusta..

Members of the mobb given to us are as follows:
Louis Reid, Dan Hitt, Rev. John Goodwin, George Goodwin, Lewis Neltson, Brant Beachen, Henry Maddox, Frank Luke, James sauage, Frank Powell, Frank king, James Gibbs, Andrew Gibbs, Bill Jones, Bunion Maddox.(The reporter of the gazette was the leader of the mob.)

**Note: flood Sat. Jul 30,1887 ...can�t get across river to Augusta 25 miles of Ga. R.R. washed out. The damn at the locks was about to give out. Would wash Jeff Price house away. --Water all aver Broad St ...housed washed out--many drowned.

�traveled on R.R. to Atlanta,. in the co of W.H. Neltson & Wife --formerly member ofCo. C. 48 Ga. regt.


Going Home:

Chattanooga : talk to Bro J. Morgan
         Bro. Tillman --�Proprietor of the house, Has 5 children, caneing backs of chairs. All earned a living except baby.
         Mrs. Birum --...came to hear the elders
         visited Brother Patterson

:on the train home aboart Fort Scott & Gulf R.R. -across the mountains -found old Dan Stuart.

at Memphis I met a Mr. Schults of Rochester Butler Co. Kaintucky --entertained our Elders, an Honest Man.!

arrive in Salt Lake:

      meet Little Charles Barrel & his little Wife & boy
         Father (Jesse Jeans /Murphy)--meets me at train, office is at the tithing yard.
      went to see Sister Young
         Bro. Canon
         Elder Butlin & Elder McMurin
         *Bro. Triplets -talked to Sallie & Gurty Murphy ( I mean Mrs. Sallie Triplet)
         Sister Rudgar Clawson & her sister Amelia with their brother Elder S.G.Spencer.
     Bro. & Sister W.G.Spencer -(little ones Danie & Samy)---Sister Baker from Cash Valley, stopping with her while Husband on mission...Bro. John Hirst & Wife paid us a visit ...
     visit Elder Wm Sprys Folks--(son ) David & daughter
     went to see Joseph Summerhays--seen his Wife -he in Boston (Sep. 23 �87), sweet little baby
         Mr. Barguis
         *Willie Murphy & Wife


     *et super with Uncle James then went to cousin Jesses, Uncle James, Aunt Mat, Aunt Nancy, Birdy & his wife...(Jesse C. Murphy)

         met Bro. Chambers (culard)
         Bro. Levi Halams & Viola & baby and his Father and Mother. (Hellum)
         Sister Higbe
         Bro. Greens
         Bro. Richard Ballantine
         Bro. Comer
         Mr. Cornwall
         Mr. Crape & wife

         *Jesse E. Murphy
         *Clarlie & Frank Murphy --
         *Wm. F. Murphy

made arrangements for a ride with Bro. Mclatchie for Ogden


Chambers    Murphy    Pledger


Jean Family     Brooks/Brown/Hobbs


1881-83 Journal of John Edward Metcalf

1865 Journal of John Joseph Pledger Jeanes [Murphy]

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